About Us

Who Are We?

That ache in your knees, the heaviness in your chest after climbing a flight of stairs, and the sagginess in your skin. Ageing creeps in like the break of dawn. Without you knowing, it saps you of your energy and strength. One day you are running marathons and working through the night, the next you are 50 and struggling with fatigue. For the longest time, we have accepted the changes in our body as natural. This is what happens when you grow old, people say. But know this – it is not inevitable. And we will help you counter ageing.

At Regenosis, we believe you deserve to savour life in health, be it in your prime or at retirement. And the only way is to truly understand your body. Sure, there are a ton of exercises and diets you could follow. But how do you know if they work, or worse, could they be harmful? All bodies are different. Your DNA and current state of health predispose you to certain illnesses and determines the foods and fitness regime that will benefit you. Our team of experts will uncover the secrets to your body, customising a holistic programme that works for you. With us, you will be in professional and safe hands.


We want you to function like 30, even if you may be 60.

To age is not to grow old, it is the deterioration of your body. Decades of use undoubtedly leads to wear and tear. Yet some people stay strong and alert throughout their lives while others are afflicted with age-related illnesses. Just as some habits accelerate ageing, others slow it down. We will help you differentiate between the two. Your golden years should not be spent in discomfort, and we will make sure of that.

We want you to have personalised care.

We never believed in the one-size-fits-all approach. Your DNA determines what ailments you are predisposed to, and what treatments work. Our revolutionary programme is designed to unravel the mysteries of your body and exploit them for the best outcomes. Your health programme will be as unique to you.

Live. Free. Anew.