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Co-founder of Regenosis

The big question for me has always been: how can we retain our strength and youth? To find the answer, I needed to know how to slow down the ageing process. Over the years, I discovered that there are many things we can do for ageing people who will become frail.

We can accept ageing as natural – and must understand it does not just affect the old. But it will be wonderful to reverse that because as each decade passes, its effects will motivate you to explore how you can avoid that. Ageing is not just about cells, but everything in our body that adds up. How we eat and sleep impacts us.

As we age, we are bound to be diagnosed with health problems. Regenosis wants to help people improve their health span regardless of age. We want you to be healthy and to be able to enjoy your life at any age.

Dato Shaun Lim

Co-founder of Regenosis

Ageing is a phenomenon we have accepted as inexorable. As our cells start to degrade, so will our body mechanisms. Today, we can change, or more specifically, reverse that. At Regenosis, we want to target and treat cells with interventions that bring about lifespan and healthspan extension.

What is healthspan? It is the period of good health we aim to preserve. My vision is to keep our clients performing at 80 as they do in their prime, to climb mountains and carry weights without fear. We want you to be assured of our expertise. As such, Regenosis relies on existing science and research to drive our age reversal solutions. Our efforts are in line with where the science community is headed.

We view our clients as unique individuals, and offer the most tailored experiences that best suit each person. It’s as simple as knowing what kind of food to eat and how they keep you healthy.

Through our programmes, we help you master ageing by improving your cellular health with exercise and diet as the most important part of your beauty regimen.

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Our team of specialists are leaders in their field of treating ageing across every aspects.

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