A longer life for you is more meaningful if those years are lived in good health and free from diseases. Preserving optimum physical health and mental capacity means a quality life for you.

What really is ageing and healthspan?

How does Regenosis develop its programmes?


Know the present condition of your body medically and genetically. Our preventive solution offers a comprehensive body tests and check-ups, providing detailed information, identifying potential health risks early and preventing age-related diseases at the onset of ageing. With this, we can tailor your lifestyle and products according to your present physical condition and genetic composition. Continuing to look and feel your prime in your later years is a reality.


Stem Cells can promote the repair of tissue injuries or organ damage. This regenerative function can help to slow ageing as well as to treat other age-related problems like osteoarthritis, stroke, heart disease and other organ failures. Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) can proliferate and differentiate into functional cells. They can regenerate and repair tissues and organs. However, as we age, the quantity and quality of MSCs start to decline. This will lead to the ageing process and in turn, lead to ageing-related problems like Frailty Syndrome and organ failures or dysfunctions.


With the help of the latest technologies, we can restore and repair the accumulations of damages caused by environmental factors and signs of ageing on your skin. Regenosis aesthetics programmes are designed to complement with the other programmes, providing treatments from the inside-out.


Improving your healthspan does not just stop at understanding your body. By careful modification and tailoring of a lifestyle plan that best suits your genetic composition, we can design a bespoke evidence-based programme focused on precise adjustments on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise ensuring you of a sustained healthier life. Our professional medical guide ensures the programme is done safely and effectively.

Achieve your Optimal State of Health