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The latest advances of medical science have identified nine biological factors that cause cellular ageing, known as the Hallmarks of Ageing. Understanding ageing can be beneficial. It can be a modifiable disease risk factor and there are ways to combat a host of debilitating conditions that are now largely untreatable.

Deregulated Nutrient Sensing

Our body cells require a constant supply of nutrients to build and repair tissues. Too much or too little nutrients not only affect the onset of diabetes or other metabolic syndrome, but also negatively influence the process of ageing. Therefore, multiple nutrient sensing pathways are in place to ensure our body takes in just the right amount of nutrition.

These pathways are commonly deregulated in human metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. When there are excessive nutrients, our body mainly focus on building new cellular parts instead of repairing old cells. This leads cells to decline and age faster. On the other hand, when there are limited nutrients available, the cells will repair themselves better and therefore slow down the ageing process.

With the understanding of the science behind nutrient sensing mechanisms, RealHealth Programme is designed by our Geroscience specialists to help you find the balance and protect you against ageing and age-related diseases.

Are you biologically older than you are supposed to be?

Generally speaking, how young you look reflects how old you are biologically.

With Geroscience as the foundation, we tackle ageing with our bespoke programme RealHealth. Through in-depth DNA and blood tests, it uncovers the illnesses that you are predisposed to, giving you time to build and repair your body to remain youthful.

This could be your first step to removing those pouches and wrinkles and keeping you mentally sharp. The younger you begin, the more effective it will be.

How well do you know yourself right down to your cellular being?

Instead of waiting for things to happen, take steps to find out if your body is suffering in silence.

RealHealth program helps you reveal data about your body with blood tests and DNA tests.

You will also discover what your body needs and how you can remain youthful with other lifestyle factors such as sleeping habits and exercise.

With these information, we can tailor our recommendations to help achieve your goals.

We are eating all our lives; shouldn’t we find out at least once how what we are eating affect us?

Nutrition and exercise are key components affecting us and our healthspan. Everyone reacts to foods differently. Certain food we eat will cause higher risk of diseases or causes a sugar spike, depending on our genetic makeup, and our present body condition.

We will help you to understand how foods affect you once and for all. Learn how to include the foods you love as part of a healthy lifestyle so you can continue to follow for ongoing success.

If your skin regenerate like you were at 20s, you would look like in your 20s again

Maintaining your beauty is about how fast your body repairs itself on the cellular level. How old you are depends on how fast you regenerate. As you age, you regenerate lesser.

Getting the right nutrients may help your skin repair efficiently, making you look young from the inside out.

Protection from ageing and age-related diseases

Who says you will definitely look older when you age? We cannot turn back the chronological clock, but we can certainly do that for our biological one.

RealHealth emphasises on living a quality life, where you look and feel like 50s even at 80.

From maintaining younger looking skin, preventing and managing chronic diseases (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, nutritional deficiency), easing digestive issues to improving healthspan, our team of experts will guide you through a personalized plan based on your lifestyle, physical conditions and food preferences to achieve your health goals.

Live. Free. Anew.