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Personalised Supplement

People usually take nutritional supplements to supplement nutrients that might be missing from their diet. However, do you know what you are lacking and whether you need supplements in the first place?

Do you know excessive supplementation can cause serious health problems?

For example, excessive intake of Vitamin A can lead to vision changes and liver damage.

How much does your body really need?

Depending on our physical conditions, age and life stages, everyone has different nutrient requirements. Therefore, tailored approach should be taken when it comes to dietary supplementation.

What if you can put all the supplements you need in one formula?

To achieve your optimal health safely and effectively, our specialist team will help determine the dosage and content of your Personalised Supplements according to your needs based on your genes and your current health conditions.

Anti-ageing Agents

As we age, more of our cells become dysfunctional and stop dividing. These cells are known as senescent cells. These senescent cells accumulate and emit potentially harmful chemical signals that generates inflammation. The chronic levels of inflammation, called “inflammaging”, is believed to be one of the drivers of aging.

Some natural compounds may help reduce inflammation by inducing senescent cells to self destruct and therefore preventing the accumulation of the damaged cells.

Our bodies produce free radicals as a byproduct, which is likely to be one of the reasons we age. Having enough antioxidants is important in preventing cell damage from free radicals.

To further enhance protection against ageing and age-related diseases, natural compounds such as Quercetin and Resveratrol that possess anti-ageing properties are added to your Personalised Supplement.


What is Rejuvant?

  • Backed by science, Rejuvant’s key ingredient is LifeAKG – a highly pure, patent-pending, body-ready form of Calcium-Alpha-Ketoglutarate that gets to the cells that need it the most.

Why do you need Rejuvant?

  • Our bodies naturally produce high levels of Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) until age 40. But after age 40, levels of AKG drastically drop. We all need AKG to live a healthy, longer life. And we can’t get enough of it by eating food.

Clinical Trials

  • Buck Institute on Aging studies reveal Rejuvant’s ingredients hold the promise to reverse epigenetic aging.
  • Rejuvant’s LifeAKG™ increased the healthiest years of life by 41% and reduced the manifestations of age-related frailty by 46%.

Live. Free. Anew.